Ludvík Šebestů, IKR

Production construction and providing the single-purpose, special and prototype machines and device at the level of patents and technical news.

Samples of some solvings:

  • Garden schredder

  • Authomatic discharging device of sacks

  • Discharging of barrels with capacity heating and dosing into technological process

  • Test device of agricultural sprayers

  • Garden grass cutter for high-grown grass

  • Authomatic underpressure feeding device

  • Hydraulic temperature controller in greenhouses and hotbeds

  • Mounting device ventilation station case

  • Fixative and handling device

  • Conveyor wash automat

  • El. heater compressed air

  • There are realized also following things xclusive of above:

    Cutting-off device of facings of barrels, electro-pneumatic drainless valve, dosing pump of viscose matters, feeder of strip materials into press, knife shredder of plastics, parts and elements of pneumatic transport.

    Practical experiences with waterproofing sheeting of PVC and PE:

  • Roofs - reconstruction and new mantles, green roofs

  • Ponds and small garden lakes

  • Swimming pools

  • Technical waste dumps

  • Reservoirs and bottom insulation (sheeting)

  • Alternative energetic sources and energy savings:

  • Solar collectors - metallic and plastic

  • Solar roofs

  • Savings of heat energy through old windows

  • Heating insulation systems

  • Efficient use of rainwater

  • Experiences in the field of maintenance and general repairs of the machines and devices.

    I offer a possibility of problems solution according to above mentioned fields, possibly technical co-operation.

    Present solved tasks:

    - Limitation of fire rise of motor vehicles
    - New ways of the use of wave water energy
    - New constructions of solar devices